Local Information


We are fairly close to a number of interesting places such as the National Trust property of The Vyne at Sherfield on Loddon, or West Green House Garden, Stratfield Saye, Wellington Country Park, the Roman town of Silchester, and Old Basing House. A bit further away, but still about half an hour’s drive are Windsor Castle and Great Park, Wisley Gardens, Savill Gardens, Jane Austen’s House at Steventon, Gilbert White’s house at Selborne, Hampton Court Palace, Birdworld, and Winchester with its wonderful Cathedral and King Arthur’s Round Table.

If you are a golf player then there are plenty of golf courses around: Hartley Wintney, Tylney Hall, North Hampshire, and we are not that far from Camberley Heath, Sunningdale, Wentworth and many more.

In addition, of course, we are close to the antique and gift shops of Hartley Wintney.


DeerWe are situated on the edge of Hazeley Heath which, as we explained in “Welcome” is an SPA and SSSI and the northern part of the Heath is now owned by the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds). In the summer we have rare ground nesting birds: nightjar, woodlark and dartford warbler. Sitting outside on the patio on a warm summer’s evening you may well hear a nightjar chirring or you may even be lucky enough to see one.

Because we are surrounded by heathland or farmers’ fields, we often have deer passing by and even crossing our garden. On the other side of the road at Bramshill House they have a deer park where the fallow deer are all white. Occasionally these escape and we once had guests arrive in the dark looking rather worried, thinking they had seen a ghost as they had seen a white deer! In addition to fallows we also have roe and muntjac deer.

Other wildlife we see regularly are foxes, rabbits and badgers.

We have many birds coming to our feeders and we have occasional visits from a sparrowhawk (whose mind is not on birdfood!) and a heron (who is interested in our goldfish). Overhead we often see buzzards.

We have been reliably informed by experts that there are plenty of rare insects, snakes (including black adders and smooth snakes) and flowers on the Heath.